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Joachim Richter Movietalks

MovieTalks - Albrecht Maurer: 

Lola runs (Director's Cut)

A film by Joachim Richter

with music of composition 

Lola runs ... not always, 

by Albrecht Maurer

played by Albrecht Maurer:

Albrecht Maurer - Violin

Wolter Wierbos - Trombone

Benoit Delbecq - Piano

More about Joachim Richter:

Based on his composition "Lola rennt ... not always" is how violinist and composer Albrecht Maurer describes his musical development. He addresses many interesting themes of modern music, newtonian sounds, jazz, pop music and free improvisation.

"I met Joachim Richter in the summer for an interview. It was like an open conversation in which, like today's improvised music, we abruptly change direction and thus escape the trap of a conversation that is too intellectual and technical".




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